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Christoff Certified Self-Sabotage Coach (CCSS Coach)

Freedom From Self Sabotage

Course Provider

Jason Christoff is a self-sabotage expert who runs an international coaching school. Jason discovered many years ago that manipulative psychology, behaviour modification, brainwashing, mental conditioning and mind control are continually weaponised against the public by media and government to make the public easier to control, govern, manipulate and coerce.

Jason’s work is dedicated to exploring, discussing, exposing and offering solutions to these modalities of control.

Jason Christoff

Course Description

Online, completely at your own pace.

The CCSS Coaching Program will teach you where your behaviour comes from and why you think, behave and talk the way you do.

Our internal behaviour programs, within our subconscious minds, dictate our behaviours and beliefs. These programs are heavily influenced by our experiences in the first seven years of life. Our behaviours and beliefs are then set a very particular way in which we interface with the world. The way we interface with the world produces certain results for us. If we’re not happy with those results, we need to go all the way back to change our programming. We can’t force a change in our lives and expect our life results to be forever altered. Force doesn’t work to change human behaviour, only reprogramming does. The only way to change our lives it to rewrite the programming within the subconscious mind.

CCSS Coaches are behaviour reprogramming experts who work at improving our client’s health, wealth, relationships and positive inner dialogue.

There are LIVE Zoom events throughout the course, along with an incredible coaching library that includes all of the videos, documents and resources to set you up to be an amazing coach.

Intake: Twice annually

Prerequisites: None

Investment: $1995 USD

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